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Sundarban courier service Chittagong mobile number and all office address

Sundarban courier service is a top number parcel service provider in Chittagong. It is a big courier service provider in Bangladesh. It has 50 offices in Chittagong. They provide fast and fastest parcel delivery in the whole country. In this post, we provide Sundarban courier service Chittagong mobile number and all office address.

Sundarban courier service Chittagong

SL.DivisionDistrictOffice TypeOffice NameAddressContact
1ChittagongChittagongAgencyStand Road Booking Booth Majhir Ghat, Chittagong95, Babul Store, Nahar Building, Stand Road, Chittagong.01811709496, 01819965208
2ChittagongChittagongAgencyAtuar Depot Booking BoothJ & J Enterprise, Hazi Market, Atuar Depot Chittagong.01916811926, 01716432580
3ChittagongChittagongAgencyMuradpur Booking BoothBoshor Market, Muradpur, Chittagong.031-656037, 01819358044
4ChittagongChittagongAgencyChokbazar Agency Chittagong.Vacant
5ChittagongChittagongBranchNasirabad Agency Chittagong.1005/4 C.D.A Avenue R/A, Ground Floor. Purbo Nasirabad, Chittagong.01936003058
6ChittagongChittagongBranchAgrabad CDA Booking BoothArif Book House, 139, C.D.A R/A, Agrabad, Chittagong.01818707675
7ChittagongChittagongAgencyZubli Road Booking Booth Enayet Bazar, Chittagong.369, Jublee Road, Chowdhury Machinary Market, 2nd Floor, Chittagong.01711309943, 01817210522
8ChittagongChittagongAgencyNaya Bazar Bishwa Road B. Booth, Chittagong.M/S Safat Enterprise, 27/53 Port Connecting Road, Naya Bazar More, Halishahar, Chittagong.01819332135
 ChittagongChittagongAgencySitakunda Thana Agency Chittagong.M/S Nizam Enterprise, D.T. Road, Sitakunda Bazar, Sitakunda, Chittagong.01715639140
9ChittagongChittagongAgencyVatiyari Agency Chittagong.Halima Telecom, Vatiyari Uttar Bazar, Vatiyari, Sitakunda, Chittagong.01817767524
10ChittagongChittagongAgencyFouzder Hat Agency SitakundoTaki International, Beside Highway, Fouzderhat, Sitakunda, Chittagong.01814329822
11ChittagongChittagongAgencySatkania Agency Chittagong.S.M. Enterprise, Station Road, Satkania Pourosova, Chittagong.01199253214, 01191778272, 01816707035
12ChittagongChittagongAgencyBaroiar Hat Agency Mir Sorai ChittagongM/S Bonoful Confectionary, Bishwa Road, Baroiarhat Pourosova, Mirsorai, Chittagong.01819662672
13ChittagongChittagongAgencyMir Sorai Thana AgencyAzmir Building & Fahim House (Madrasa Market, Ground Floor, Shop No. 05), Mir Sorai, Chittagong.01817737997
14ChittagongChittagongAgencyPach LaishVACANT
15ChittagongChittagongAgencyChittagong. University Booking BoothM/S Koxi Photostate, (Shahjalal Hall-er Purbo Parshe) Chittagong. University, Fotehpur, Hathazari, Chittagong.01816344229, 01733125127, 01777197337
16ChittagongChittagongAgencyHath Hazari AgencyJ.B.L Enterprise, Jebol Hossen Market, Bus Stand, Hathazari, Chittagong.01915704142
17ChittagongChittagongAgencyRanir Hat Thana Agency Chittagong.Anowar Store, Ferdous Shoping Center, Ranirhat, Upazilla: Rangunia, Dist: Chittagong.01817267650
18ChittagongChittagongAgencyBaskhali Thana Agency ChittagongShahi Enterprise, Bash Khali Pourosova, Chittagong.01717098059, 01814212342
19ChittagongChittagongAgencyRawzan Agency ChittagongLucky Computer & Training Center, Jalilnagar, Bus Stand, Rawzan, Chittagong.01817255200
20ChittagongChittagongAgencyHalishohor VACANT
22ChittagongChittagongAgencyBahaddar Hat Agency Chittagong.Sundarban Courier Service Pvt. Ltd, 4110, Manik Plaza, Bahaddar Hat, Chandgaon, Chittagong.01819309559, 01819332528
23ChittagongChittagongAgencyBoal Khali Thana Agency Chittagong.In front of Pilot School, Sarowartoli, Boalkhali, Chittagong.01820653367
24ChittagongChittagongAgencyKatalgonj Agency Chittagong.Titanic Computer Club, 29, Katalgonj, Pachlaish Thana, Chittagong.01819358044
25ChittagongChittagongAgencyPahartoli Agency A.K Khan More, Chittagong.Pahartoli (Alongkar More), Chittagong.01817206025, 01815120730
26ChittagongChittagongAgencyKadamtoli Agency Chittagong.31, D.T. Road, Kadamtoli, PS: Double Muring, Dist: Chittagong.01911797641, 724865
28ChittagongChittagongAgencyFakir Hat Agency3, Stand Road, Fakirhat, Bandar, Chittagong.01712882459
29ChittagongChittagongAgencyDohazari AgencyApnan Tredres, City Centre Market, Shop No: 33, Dohazari Bazar, Chondonais, Chittagong01622462096, 01814395609
30ChittagongChittagongAgencyLohagora Chittagong.AgencyUnder Krishi Bank, Amirabad, Lohagara, Chittagong.01814308082
31ChittagongChittagongAgencyFotikchori Upozila Agency Chittagong.J.A Telephone Center, Karim Center, 1 No. Road, Khagrachori, Mohasarak, Bibirhat01819094192
32ChittagongChittagongAgencyAnowara Thana Agency Chittagong.Nazem Enterprise, Chatori Chowmohoni Bazar, Haque Building, Ground Floor, C.U.F.L, Upazilla: Anowar01823930910
34ChittagongChittagongAgencyPotia Upazila Agency Chittagong.In front of Hospital, Haidgaon, Haidgaon, Potia, Chittagong.01713626792
37ChittagongChittagongBranchAgrabad88/89, Agrabad. In front of the Agrabad Hotel01197223314, 031 711582, 720243
38ChittagongChittagongBranchKorbanigonj37- Jolil Building, Korbanigonj, Chittagong01676514653, 031-2863690
39ChittagongChittagongAgencyJubilee RoadJublee Boding, 1st Floor, Jublee Road, Chittagong01199567426, 031-633576
40ChittagongChittagongBranchSandipNBL Bank Bhaban, Haramia Complex, Sandip, Chittagong01811169378
41ChittagongChittagongBranchKeranihatUnis Plaza, Keranihat, Chittagong01936-003055, 030-3656103
42ChittagongChittagongBranchHalishaharH# 07, Rd# 01, Block# L, Boropole, Halishahar, Chittagong01936003113, 031-2528339, 2528340
43ChittagongChittagongBranchChittagong EPZChaleh Complex, EPZ, Chittagong01936003219, 01853-636655, 031-801106
44ChittagongChittagongBranchKalurghat63, F.I.B.C Road, C.M.B More, Kalurghat, Chittagong01917016152, 031-2572351
45ChittagongChittagongAgencyLohagoraShop No. 01, Amirabad Babu Market, Lohagora, Chittagong01824849793
46ChittagongChittagongBranchNasirabad191-CD Avenue, Nasirabad, Chittagong0195271412
47ChittagongChittagongBranchReaz Uddin BazarCDA Market, 1st Floor, Reaz Uddin Bazar, Chittagong0199567417
48ChittagongChittagongAgencyHamchor UpazilaM/S, Amin Shopping Center, Algi Bazar01925566538
49ChittagongChittagongAgencyNangol Cout AgencyJannat Trading , Hazi ali mia super market1817019500
50ChittagongChittagongAgencyBayezid Bostami25/D , Bayezid Cantonment Super Market , Bayezid Bostami01818142723, 01915874312

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In this post, we provide 50 office addresses and mobile numbers of Sundarban courier service Chittagong. By this post, you get your needed information about Sundarban courier service Chittagong. We hope this post was very helpful to you. For much courier information, please stay with us.


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