Janani Courier Service Branch List, Address, and Contact Number

Janani Courier Service is one of the most famous Parcel services in Bangladesh. Janani Courier Service has 50+ branches in 64 districts. Janani Courier Service Branch List, Address, and Contact Number are given below:

Janani Courier Service Branch List

S.LDistrict NameBranch NameBranch AddressContact Number
1.DhakaHead Ofice33 Top khana Road 02716 0791, 01871-042848, 01871-402822 01871-042988

 Office 01871-042801, 01871-042895


01871-042848, 01871-042822, 01871-042988

Cash Delivery

01871-042838, 01871-042987

Parcel Delivery01871-042802, 01871-042965

2.DhakaBangla bazar BranchIspahani building01871-042803, 01871-042962
3.DhakaMalitola BranchTatibazar more01871-042840, 01883-007335
4.DhakaElephant Road Branch Opposite of Trust Bank01871-042805, 01871-042837
5.DhakaMohammadpur BranchMohammadpur college gate01871-042806, 01985-553735
6.DhakaMirpur-10 Branch


Section- 6/kha, Boundary road plot no-3301871-042807, 01849-714288
7.DhakaMohakhali BranchAmam petrol pump01871-042809, 01871-042989
8.DhakaUttara BranchHouse-2, Alaual Avenue01871-042810, 01871-042877
9.DhakaSavar Branch Savar BranchKhasru Bagan, Savar042811, 01985-553741
10.DhakaKeranigonjNur complex01871-042812, 01985-553737
11.DhakaKerani gonj Branch-2Natun raster more01871-042891, 01871-042813
12.Narayan GonjNarayan Gonj BranchSenabahini market01871-042814, 01985-553740
13.GazipurGazipur BranchChowraster more01871-042815, 01871-042896
14.TangailTangail BranchOld bus stand01871-042819
15.GopalgonjGopalgonj BranchBanga Bandhu sarak01871-042830
16.FaridpurFaridpur BranchAlipur pakistanpara01871-042831
17.KishorgonjKishorgonj Branch32 Ideal school (opp-side), Kishorgonj01871-042851
18.MymensinghMymensingh Branch9 C K Ghosh road, Mymensingh 01871-042816
19.JamalpurJamalpur Branch Station road

Old Powrasava gate

20.SherpurSherpur Branch Matri chaya Vaban

 Thana road

01871-042884, 01871-042974
21. BoguraBogura Branch Sutrapur

Sherpur road

01871-042871, 01985-553751
22.SirajgonjSirajgonj Branch-1Rail gate, Mirpur road01871-042820
23.Sirajgonj Sirajgonj Branch-2 Bagura road

 Chairman market

24.PabnaPabna BranchShalgaria Thanapara01871-042821, 01871-042944
25.EsweardiEsweardi Branch Arju market

 Station road

26.ChapainawabgonjChapai nawab Gonj BranchShantir more01871-042860
27.RajshahiRajshahi BranchKumarpara, Ghoramara01871-042859
28.NatorNator BranchR M vaban01871-042862
29.NowgoanNowgoan BranchChamragudam, Dubalhati road01871-042893, 01872-626010
30.SaidpurSaidpur BranchDinajpur road01871-042863
31.DinajpurDinajpur BranchCharu Babur more01871-042864
32.RangpurRangpur BranchCentral road01871-042870, 01871-042890
33.NillfamariNillfamari BranchGannounkur library01985-553775
34.BarishalBarishal Branch214 club road01871-042877, 01985-553783
35.KustiaKustia BranchChand supermarket01871-042824
36.JhinaidahJhinaidah BranchH S S road01871-042827
37.ChuadangaChuadanga Branch Fatema plaza 01871-042839
38.MaguraMagura BranchManyara Manson01871-042829
39.JessoreJessore BranchGaribshah road01871-042833, 01871-042963
40.SatkhiraSatkhira BranchAbul Kasem road01883-007326
41.KhulnKhulna BranchHouse building, Station road, Khulna01871-042835, 01985-553771
42.BagerhatBagerhat BranchSahar rokhka band01871-042861
43.SylhetSylhet Branch Jail road, Sylhet01871-042853, 01871-042854
44.Mowlavi BazarMowlavi Bazar BranchHaji Mohd. Waris Manson01871-042855
45.Hobigonj Hobigonj Branch Mohila college road01871-042856
46.Srimongal BranchSrimongalAfzal plaza01871-042857
47.Chatto gramChatto gram cityChatto gram Zonal Office01871-042872, 01871-0

Why You Use Janani Courier Service

Janani courier service is one of the most popular courier service providers in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the Janani courier service has lots of branches. They can easily send your parcel to your receiver person. That’s why your main choice is Janani courier service.

My Opinion of Janani Courier Service

As a courier service information provider, I suggest you use Janani courier service. Because this is a famous and popular courier service in BD. If you want to send your parcel from one to another district Janani courier service is the best option for you. After sending your parcel you can track Janani courier track current location that’s making you tension free. For more updates about the Janani courier service, please stay with

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