India to Canada DHL Courier Service Charge

DHL Courier Service is the most popular courier service in the world. Many people use the DHL courier service to send parcels from India to Canada. In this post, we published India to Canada DHL Courier Service Charge list. India to Canada Economy Courier Charges starts Rs. 1750, and Approx. Delivery time is 7-14 Working Days. Express Courier Charges start Rs. 2199, and Approx. Delivery time is 4-7 Working Days.

India to Canada DHL Courier Charges List

Weight ( Kg) Economy Courier Charges Express Courier Charges Free Packaging Online Tracking Door To Door Free Insurance For Lost
0.5 KgRs. 1750.00Rs. 2199.00YesYesYesYes
0.1 KgRs. 2150.00Rs. 2450.00YesYesYesYes
1.5 KgRs. 2400.00Rs. 2800.00YesYesYesYes
0.2 KgRs. 2700.00Rs. 3100.00YesYesYesYes
2.5 KgRs. 3150.00Rs. 3300.00YesYesYesYes
0.3 KgRs. 3450.00Rs. 3700.00YesYesYesYes
3.5 KgRs. 3890.00Rs. 4150.00YesYesYesYes
0.4 KgRs. 4000.00Rs. 4450.00YesYesYesYes
4.5 KgRs. 4350.00Rs. 4800.00YesYesYesYes
0.5 KgRs. 4500.00Rs. 5150.00YesYesYesYes
5.5 KgRs. 4800.00Rs. 5500.00YesYesYesYes
0.6 KgRs. 5000.00Rs. 5780.00YesYesYesYes
6.5 KgRs. 5200.00Rs. 6000.00YesYesYesYes
0.7 KgRs. 5500.00Rs. 6300.00YesYesYesYes
7.5 KgRs. 5900.00Rs. 6500.00YesYesYesYes
0.8 KgRs. 6250.00Rs. 7000.00YesYesYesYes
8.5 KgRs. 6600.00Rs. 7300.00YesYesYesYes
0.9 KgRs. 7000.00Rs. 7500.00YesYesYesYes
10 KgRs. 7300.00Rs. 8000.00YesYesYesYes
Above 10 KgRs. 750.00 Per KgRs. 800.00 Per KgYesYesYesYes
Above 20 KgRs. 680.00 Per KgRs. 780.00 Per KgYesYesYesYes
Above 30 KgRs. 600.00 Per KgRs. 750.00 Per KgYesYesYesYes
Above 50 KgRs. 540.00 Per KgRs. 650.00 Per KgYesYesYesYes
Above 100 KgRs. 499.00 Per KgRs. 650.00 Per KgYesYesYesYes
Approx Delivery7-14 Working Days4-7 Working Days

Important Note:

18% GST As applicable on total billing

Price does not include Duty Charges

Chargeable Weight is the Actual Weight

Same Day Connection subject to complete paperwork.

Why You Use DHL Courier Service

DHL courier service is one of the most popular courier service providers in the world. World any country DHL courier service has lots of number branches. They can easily send your parcel to your receiver person. That’s why your main choice is DHL courier service.

DHL Courier Service India to Canada

You can easily send your parcel from India to Canada cheap rate by DHL courier service. In the upper box, we provide India to Canada DHL courier service charge list per KG. You can easily calculate your parcel charge by following this chart.

My Opinion about DHL Courier Service

As a courier service information provider, I suggest you use the DHL courier service. Because this is a famous and popular courier service. If you want to send your parcel from India to Canada DHL courier service is the best option for you. After sending your parcel you can track your parcel’s current location that’s making you tension free. So, I tell you that use DHL courier service for India to Canada sending parcel.

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