USA to Bangladesh DHL Cost Details

DHL courier service is a popular courier service in Bangladesh and USA both country. Many Bangladeshi people lived, and work in USA. Sometimes they need to send parcels from USA to Bangladesh. To help those kinds of people in this post we discuss USA to Bangladesh DHL Cost Details.

USA to Bangladesh DHL Cost List

Sl. No.FromToParcel Size/NamePrice Include VAT
1USABangladeshA4 Envelope 0.5 lbs$98.13
2USABangladeshA4 Envelope 1 lbs$98.13
3USABangladeshA4 Envelope 2 lbs$106.05
4USABangladeshBooks 0.5 lbs$98.13
5USABangladeshBooks 1 lbs$98.13
6USABangladeshBoard Game 0.5 lbs$164.65
7USABangladeshBoard Game 1 lbs$164.65
8USABangladeshSmall Kitchen Appliance 0.5 lbs$556.88
9USABangladeshSmall Kitchen Appliance 1 lbs$556.88
10USABangladeshMoving Box 0.5 lbs$1,222.57
11USABangladeshMoving Box 1 lbs$1,222.57
12USABangladeshMoving Box 5 lbs$1,222.57
13USABangladeshMoving Box 10 lbs$1,222.57
14USABangladeshMoving Box 15 lbs$1,222.57
15USABangladeshMoving Box 20 lbs$1,222.57
16USABangladeshMoving Box 30 lbs$1,222.57
17USABangladeshMoving Box 40 lbs$1,222.57
18USABangladeshMoving Box 50 lbs$1,222.57

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Included Cost in this Charges

Reliable door-to-door Express parcel & document Delivery of your Time Sensitive Shipment. You can get Track & trace your parcel location and Electronic Proof of Delivery in Real Time. If want to get Insurance on your parcel then you need to pay extra charges. This service is included in the above chart charge.

We hope this post helps you to get proper information about DHL courier service charges from USA to Bangladesh. In this table, we provide 18 category charges information for you. For more courier information, Please stay with this website.

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